Belly Buster

Say goodbye to those troublesome areas and embrace a new level of confidence with our figure-fixing ab-solution.

Belly buster
Your journey begins with a full body-consultation where we take time to truly understand your needs. Based on your goals we will create a personalised package of energy based treatment designed to banish unwanted fat from your stomach and flanks. We select from our range of award-winning technologies, harnessing the power of radio frequency or utilising patented Coolwaves technology to target and break down unwanted fat cells. Skin around the stomach and waist is tightened, leaving you with a measurable reduction in the midsection. As we believe in a holistic approach to streamlining your midsection, we also provide a comprehensive programme of collagen and gut health supplements as well as skincare to support your transformation. Upgrade to our IV support and/or injectable spot reduction treatment to further enhance your results.

ONDA OR Exilis course of treatments
Course of collagen supplements
Course of Gut Health supplements
Firming body lotion

Upgrade Package
Lemon Bottle for spot reduction post-course.
IV course of treatment

This package is bespoke depending on the patient needs, and some may be better suited to ONDA and some to Exilis.

The Wellness Booster

Elevate strength and wellness at IHYA Medical.

The wellness booster
Feel and look fitter and stronger with our comprehensive wellness package that will give you an every day vitality boost At your consultation we discuss your lifestyle and concerns before creating a personalised package of energy-based treatments, supplements and IV therapy to deliver a strong healthy core and the energy and vitality to live your best life! We focus on strengthening the entire abdominal region to protect against injury and lower back pain. EMSELLA treatments then target the pelvic floor, a group of muscles that, when combined with strong abdominal muscles, hold the key to great posture and a strong midsection. To complete the package we provide you with collagen and gut health supplements whilst selecting a course of IV therapy to feed you with key nutrients to help your body function optimally.
Invest in your wellness and vitality and live life to your fullest.

EMSELLA course
Course of collagen supplements
Course of Gut Healths supplements
Course of IV treatment

Upgrade Package
Multiple Area discounts for 4 x areas and 6 x areas

The Glow & Go

Express Glo Glo Glo!
(One-off facial before a special occasion or party)

Got an important date coming up? Then you need our party prep facial. This advanced facial treatment really transforms your skin quickly as we combine our favourite technologies together to get you ready for you’re special event. We start by cleaning and hydrating the skin with Syndeo by Hydrafacial, selecting a targeted booster to give your skin exactly what it needs. We follow up with a warming but effective Exilis radio frequency treatment that will soften any fine lines and wrinkles, tighten and firm the skin and give your skin a temporary list that lasts a few days. We finish with a deeply hydrating mask so your skin looks and feels incredible. With no downtime, this is the perfect advanced facial to ensure you’re ready to dance the night away!

Hydrafacial and targeted `skin booster
Exilis single session
Hydrating mask

This will be a single treatment that patients can have before a special event or party. It has zero downtime and is designed to make their skin plump, hydrated

Menopause Masterpiece

Embrace the next stage of life with our Menopause Masterpiece.

Peri-menopausal and menopausal women often encounter a range of skin changes that are, for some, unwelcome. Fluctuating hormones can lead to increased dryness and textural changes. A natural reduction in collagen and elastin production leads to the formation of more lines and wrinkles and the face starts to lose firmness as the skin starts to thin and sag. Hormonal imbalances may even contribute to uneven skin tone, redness and breakouts. At Ihya Medical we embrace the transition to mid-life but believe that any unwanted changes can be minimised with a carefully curated treatment plan that begins with a consultation to identify key areas of concern. Facial sagging can be tackled using one of our deep-lifting technologies, and the skin itself is further tightened, plumped and brightened with the combination of radio frequency with microneedling. This results in less visible pores, a smoother skin texture and an airbrushing of fine lines and wrinkles. Your treatment plan is completed with the addition of targeted anti-wrinkle injections alongside skin boosters to soften lines, improve hydration and achieve a more even complexion. Upgrading this package is optional but should you wish, you can add PRP or growth factors alongside your microneedling, fine tune your facial contours with fillers or even take the anti-ageing effect down to your neck. This radiance-boosting anti-aging solution will help promote confidence and well-being as you transform to the next stage of life.

Focus Dual SMAS Lift OR EMFACE (budget-dependent)
Focus Dual microneedling
Exilis skin tightening course of treatments
Toxin injections
Skin Boosters
Skincare package suitable for menopausal skin

Upgrade Package
Option to add PRP or growth factors with microneedling
Option to include neck
Option to add fillers

This package is ideal for women who have noticed a change in their skin due to hormonal changes

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