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EMSELLA Pelvic Floor Treatment

For male and female sexual health, incontinence and post-partum concerns

Here at Ihya, we are delighted to offer a revolutionary treatment, which helps to tighten pelvic floor muscles and treat urinary incontinence for both men and women. This treatment is called EMSELLA and is clinically-proven to be entirely safe for this indication. If you are someone who is shy or worried about medical examinations, you will be pleased to know that the EMSELLA pelvic floor treatment does not mean having to remove any clothing or to have an intimate examination.

What is EMSELLA?

EMSELLA is an advanced technological medical device that has the appearance of a chair. During an EMSELLA treatment, you simply sit, fully clothed and relax on the device.

EMSELLA works by utilising electromagnetic technology, which helps to stimulate your pelvic floor muscles and tightening them. This tightening action helps to control and alleviate pelvic floor concerns. Each session lasts for around 28 minutes and replicates the equivalent of 11,000 pelvic floor tenses. You will probably need approximately 6 treatments, depending on your individual concerns. We will discuss your treatment plan in a no obligation consultation, prior to this treatment.

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EMSELLA for male and female sexual health

If you are a female patient who is experiencing a low libido or vaginal discomfort, dryness or tightness, EMSELLA can improve your sexual desire and give you more frequent and stronger orgasms. EMSELLA strengthens the pelvic floor so can also significantly improve pelvic prolapse and repair any vaginal laxity.
If you are a male patient who is experiencing erectile dysfunction or early ejaculation during sex, the EMSELLA device can help strengthen the pelvic floor, increasing penile rigidity and improving control and increasing the time before ejaculation.

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What happens during a consultation for EMSELLA at Ihya?

During your initial consultation for EMSELLA, one of our highly-trained practitioners will discuss your concerns, explain about the EMSELLA treatment and discuss with you, the type of improvements you could experience with this treatment. No vaginal or penile examination is carried out, so you can feel at ease and comfortable throughout this initial meeting. We will check your medical history to ensure an EMSELLA treatment will be safe for you to undergo. However, due to the non-invasive action of this treatment, there are few-to-no contraindications which would prevent this treatment from going ahead. Once both you and your Ihya practitioner are satisfied that EMSELLA will be an effective treatment for your concerns, you can book in your first appointment. You may even be able to have your first treatment that day, depending on availability of appointment times.

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EMSELLA for new mums

EMSELLA is a superb treatment, when combined with our EMSCULPT® NEO device, to treat post-partum concerns such as pelvic floor weakness and diastasis recti. EMSCULPT® NEO is offers high-intensity electromagnetic energy combined with radio frequency to increase muscle mass, tighten the skin and reduce unwanted fat. These two state-of-the-art devices, available here at Ihya offer a perfect combination treatments for new mums who would like to get back in shape and resolve any pelvic floor concerns that may have occurred during pregnancy or in the process of giving birth.

EMSELLA for male incontinence

If you are a male patient who experiences incontinence, EMSELLA is medically-cleared and clinically-proven to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, thus helping to ease the symptoms of incontinence that is caused by muscle laxity.

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How many EMSELLA treatments will I need?

Everyone is physically unique and requires a tailored approach with EMSELLA. However, you will most likely need around 6 treatments, twice a week for 3 weeks, for optimum results.

Is there any downtime or side-effects with EMSELLA?

EMSELLA is a completely non-invasive treatment and unlike surgery or lasers, does not involve scalpels, ablating or damaging the skin or the surrounding tissues. This means that there are no side-effects or recovery time at home. This makes EMSELLA an extremely convenient and comfortable treatment to undergo.

Does a treatment with EMSELLA hurt?

During your EMSELLA treatment you may experience a tightening sensation of the vaginal area and pelvic floor muscles. This can feel like small contractions, as the treatment commences and continues but this is not an uncomfortable sensation.

How long will the results last from a course of EMSELLA?

Studies have proven that the many positive results with EMSELLA can last between 6 and 12 months before a maintenance session may be required. The estimated longevity of your results will be discussed with you in your no obligation consultation, here at Ihya.

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