Ihya – House of Aesthetics

Your destination for physical and emotional revival

Our passionate doctor-led team takes patients on a journey of physical and emotional revival, using bespoke aesthetic therapies to match the uniqueness of each patient. To deliver profound and transformative results, we invest in the best technologies available globally.

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HydraFacial Syndeo – A multi-modality platform that delivers treatments for a range of skin, body and scalp concerns.

Non-surgical face-lift – Minimally invasive, needle-free technology to lift and tighten utilising radiofrequency and HIFES stimulation.

Body sculpting – A non-invasive treatment that reduces excess fat and tightens skin to contour and reshape an area of the body.

Hair Restoration – A combination of treatments to restore hair thickness and growth from PRP to supplements and HydraFacial.

Skin Rejuvenation – Rejuvenating skin treatments including devices, peels and HydraFacial to promote smoother, healthier and younger-looking skin.

Laser Hair Reduction/Removal – Remove unwanted hair with virtually pain-free laser.

Anti-wrinkle Treatments/Skinboosters – Improves skin and tissue quality and increases hydration to minimise lines & wrinkles.

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Ihya – House of Aesthetics

Your destination for physical and emotional revival

Ihya is rooted in Arabic and translated, means ‘revival’, and represents the transcendence of physical transformation.

It is our passion and our mission at Ihya, to take a holistic approach to cosmetic augmentation and strike a balance between aesthetic refinement and regeneration; for the overall physical and emotional wellbeing of our patients.

When you step in to Ihya, you are not merely walking in to a clinic for a simple treatment, but are embarking on a journey of enlightenment, into your physical and emotional rejuvenation.

At IHYA House of Aesthetics, it is not only the Face, Body, Skin, but also about the Mind. It is about embodying the whole YOU. The mind -body connection plays an integral role in our wellness and aesthetic appearance. By adopting a holistic approach not only leads to a healthier and more radiant face, body, and skin, but also contributes to an elevated degree of wellness and a happier and fulfilled life.

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