Facial wrinkles

Facial wrinkles are an inevitable part of the natural ageing process, and here at IHYA Clinic in Birmingham, we don’t believe that ageing needs to mean simply ‘putting up’ with the skin we are given.

As much as we embrace the ageing process and all that it brings, we also feel that you can age gracefully and look your very best, without invasive surgical procedures.

We are passionate about skin rejuvenation and optimising its health and vitality and offer a myriad of injectable, device-led treatments, alongside oral supplementation and skincare, so you can be at the pinnacle of your appearance, no matter what your age group.

Causes of facial wrinkles

Facial wrinkles are caused predominantly by the damaging effects of UV rays, over years of exposure.

It doesn’t have to be sunny outside for you to be exposed to UV rays; they are everywhere that there is natural light, so you can imagine how many hours, days, weeks and years our skin is being exposed to them.

There are also factors of the ageing process that further exacerbate the appearance of lines and wrinkles of the face. The skull changes in that the eye sockets become larger and bone mass overall leads to less prominence of the cheeks and a hollowing of the temples. Fat pads reduce and the skin is less supported, thus beginning to sag.

Symptoms of facial wrinkles

The skin becomes less resilient as vital substances such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid deplete over the years. Lifestyle choices such as smoking, a poor diet and excessive sun exposure can all lead to further lines and wrinkles of the face and the skin becoming dry, dehydrated and less ‘plump’ and glowing.

Aesthetic practitioners, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons will often use Glogau’s classification when describing these ageing changes:


Few wrinkles, requires little or no makeup for coverage


Early visible wrinkles, sallow complexion, requires little makeup


Persistent visible wrinkling, skin discolouration and broken blood vessels, as well as actinic keratoses, often wears makeup to camouflage


severe wrinkles and furrows, actinic keratoses, will often wear make-up to camouflage but this may not hide these signs of ageing

Treatments for facial wrinkles at IHYA Clinic

The range of treatments that we offer here at IHYA is comprehensive, and following a no obligation consultation, skin analysis and medical health check with us, we will provide you with a suggested treatment plan, which may involve one or more of the following, to help reduce fine and deeper wrinkles and improve the overall tone, texture and performance of your skin:

Our treatments for facial wrinkles

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