Introducing Flourishing Psychology Services

‘It is your light that lights the World’ (Rumi)


Meet Jamila, a highly experienced Chartered Coaching Psychologist spanning over 25 years of diverse expertise. She is accredited by the British Psychological Society and the Health and Care Profession Council and is a member of the International Society of Coaching Psychology.

Jamila is dedicated to empowering individuals unlock their hidden strengths and talents through personalized coaching. Each one of us possesses untapped strengths and talents, waiting to be nurtured. In the realm of aesthetic, this means recognising the intricate connection between our emotional state and our outer radiance, so both are revived, creating a harmonious balance in the journey of transformation.

As a Director of Flourishing Psychology Services, Jamila combines psychology and coaching to enhance resilience, growth mindset, helping achieve dreams and success in accomplishments.

Using evidence-based techniques and tools, Jamila will help you gain a deeper understanding of your strengths, thought processes, and identify potential obstacles, and inspire the pathway for measurable success in both personal and professional growth. Her bespoke services include inter alia:

  • Enhancing Psychological Resilience
  • Fostering and enriching relationships
  • Increasing productivity through compassionate self-care
  • Optimising stress resilience
  • Elevating Health and Well-being

To ensure your progress journey, coaching sessions are offered in packages, featuring a 10-minute mindfulness component for alignment and energy.

Package Options:

Complementary 30-minute initial consultation

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4 sessions (60 minutes each) for £600

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6 sessions (60 minutes each) for £900

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