Female pattern hair loss

At IHYA Clinic in Birmingham, we understand the effects that female pattern baldness can have on someone, both physically and emotionally.

When we think of hair loss, many of us will usually associate it with males, but in fact, studies have shown that among healthy women, between 6 to 36% of women will experience some form of frontal and/or frontal-parietal hair loss at some point in their loves.

This is why we offer a range of effective, clinically-proven treatments for female pattern baldness, thus minimising the risk of having to resort to invasive surgery later on.

Causes of female pattern hair loss

Most hair loss in women, is experienced during the reproductive years, which is later than in men. Over 10% of premenopausal women have some evidence of pattern hair loss and the condition increases at around the time when menopause happens, and can affect around 56% of women by the time they reach their 70s.

Of course, there are other causes of female pattern hair loss, such as autoimmune conditions such as alopecia areata, lupus and type 1 diabetes.

Female pattern hair loss

The natural ageing process can also play a part in female hair loss as well as vitamin or nutritional deficiencies. In the UK, 8 million women and those assigned as female at birth experience some form of hair loss.

Treatments for female pattern hair loss

At IHYA we have painstakingly researched clinically-proven injectable and device-led therapies as well as nutritional supplements to assist with improving the symptoms of female pattern hair loss.

Following an initial, no-obligation consultation, hair analysis and medical history check, we will advise upon the most suitable treatment plan, for your individual needs.

Our treatments for female pattern hair loss

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