Neck wrinkles and sagging jowls

The ageing process can be unkind, changing the look of our skin and facial structure, so when we look in the mirror, we no longer see a youthful, vibrant complexion, but compromised skin health and lines, wrinkles and skin sagging.

Two of the most significantly affected areas for skin ageing, is that of the lower face and neck. At IHYA Clinic in Birmingham, we celebrate the ageing process, but also believe that ageing gracefully doesn’t have to mean being unhappy with how we look.

We aim to restore skin to health, but with a natural look that compliments your age. This is why we have a range of treatments on offer, to tighten and tone the skin, lift facial features and restore your confidence, knowing you look more youthful and vibrant, without having drastic and invasive surgery.

Causes of neck wrinkles and sagging jowls

Believe it or not, lower face and neck issues can start with the upper face. As bone mass from the skeletal features is lost over time and through the natural ageing process, the skin of the face ‘slips’ down, as it is no longer supported well, by the cheek bones.

The tissues of the face such as fat also deplete, leaving the skin looser on the face, sagging down to form square-looking jowls and even a’ turkey’ neck. Substances within the skin such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid begin to diminish over time too, so our skin is less plump, hydrated and toned.

Neck wrinkles and sagging jowls

It’s not only the ageing process that can cause these concerns, extreme or rapid weight loss, excessive sun exposure and certain illnesses or medical conditions can cause the skin of the face and neck to become compromised, and to age before its time.

Treatments for neck wrinkles and sagging jowls

At IHYA we offer a range of non-surgical injectable and device-led treatments for neck wrinkles and sagging jowls.

These treatments are FDA approved and clinically-proven to be effective in a number of ways, from tightening the skin fibres, reducing fatty areas under the chin, which can exacerbate the appearance of jowls and turkey neck, adding volume to facial areas, to rehydrating and replenishing the skin cells, so that they perform in a way to support the skin tissues.

Used alone or in combination, our practitioners will advise you on which treatments would best suit your individual facial requirements, following an initial consultation, skin analysis and medical history check.

Our treatments for neck wrinkles and sagging jowls

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