Discolouration is a broad term which describes any change in the tone of your skin, from that of its natural colouration. At IHYA Clinic in Birmingham, we understand how varied these skin concerns can be.

Some skin concerns which present as discolouration can make us feel self-conscious, especially if the area of concern is very visible, such as on the face, neck, chest or arms. Therefore, we offer a wide range of non-surgical, clinically-proven treatments to address discolouration effectively and safely, so you can feel more confident and look fantastic.

Causes of discolouration in the skin

There are many harmless causes of skin discolouration, such as naturally-occurring birthmarks. However, some cases can indicate an underlying medical condition.

Therefore if you notice a change in a certain area of your skin that has not always been present, it’s important to have this checked with a GP or dermatologist, for an accurate diagnosis or at the very least, to put your mind at ease.

Once this has been carried out, you can discuss treatment options with your IHYA practitioner.

The causes of skin discolouration vary significantly, from minor concerns to more serious medical issues. Areas of discoloured skin can present as a range of colours including: pink, red, tan, purple, brown, black and blue.

Causes of skin discolouration


These harmless skin discolouration or skin spots may be present at, or shortly after birth

Medial conditions

Such as psoriasis, rosaces or Grave’s disease can carry the risk of discolouration of the skin

Pigmentation disorders

For example albinism, melasma and vitiligo all present as skin discolouration in some form


The skin can succumb to discolouration from harmful bacteria, viruses or fungi

Burns, scars and medication side effects

Some allergies can lead to eczema or hives rashes.

Skin cancer

This disease develops from damaged skin cells which then become cancerous (malignant).

Treatments for skin discolouration

Our medically-trained, highly-skilled practitioners can administer a range of injectable and device-led therapies, along with prescribed, powerful cosmeceutical skincare to help fade discolouration and reveal a more even-toned skin appearance.

Our treatments for skin discolouration

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