Stretch Marks (Striae)

Many common skin problems are harmless to our health. However, they can affect the way we feel when we look in the mirror, how we dress and certain situations such as the requirement to wear less clothing (sun-bathing or swimming), they can even have an impact on personal relationships, if we feel very self-conscious about them.

At IHYA Clinic in Birmingham, we always take how you feel about a particular skin concern seriously, and have researched a myriad of clinically-proven, safe, non-surgical treatments, so that you can have the best possible skin that you can. Helping you to look and feel great, at any life stage.

Causes of stretch marks

Stretch marks (striae) are types of scars which develop when our skin shrinks or stretches quickly. This abrupt change to our skin causes the collagen and elastin, which help to support our skin, to rupture.

As the skin begins to recover and heal, stretch marks can appear. Stretch marks present as lines or streaks across the skin. Although stretch marks can affect anyone from all backgrounds, not everyone develops stretch marks. They can be caused by:

  • Puberty
  • Pregnancy
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Rapid weight gain
  • Those who are assigned female at birth tend to get stretch marks more than those who are assigned male at birth
  • Use of some steroid creams or tablets
  • Genetics
  • Cushing’s syndrome (though this is rare)

Symptoms of stretch marks

The most common places that stretch marks can appear are the upper arms, tummy, breasts, chest, legs, bottom, back and hips. They can appear as red, pink, black, brown, silver or purple. They usually start off darker, then fade over time. However, stretch marks will not usually disappear completely, unless they are treated.

Treatments for stretch marks

At IHYA Clinic we offer radiofrequency microneedling to help treat and fade stretch marks. Your IHYA practitioner will explain about this treatment, in your initial consultation, skin analysis and medical history check, prior to any treatment being advised.

Our treatments for stretch marks

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